Formed as Financial Pro Solutions, Finapros was founded in 2008 by Hal Horowitz Finapros  to provide executive recruitment services to financial, accounting, banking, asset-based lending and equipment leasing professionals who were quickly facing new career challenges caused by the oncoming Great Recession. Hal began his career as a loan adjuster (bill collector) for a consumer finance company in 1965 and worked way up to a loan office manager before moving into the commercial lending field in 1971 and two years later into equipment leasing.  His experience in those markets included portfolio management, credit management, operations, training and marketing and sales. In his over 30 years in finance, Hal served in the trenches as well as in rolls of middle management, corporate leadership and ownership. In 1998, following a consulting relationship with a large regional bank where he was engaged to clean up its lease portfolio for its initial ERP conversion, Hal was recruited as a recruiter for a search firm providing highly qualified candidates for a variety of financial and accounting positions.

Now, 20 years later, and too antsy to retire, Hal has reinvented Finapros to add value to your day, to make you feel just a little bit better by the end of it, so you don’t just have to drag your ass home in an average of 23 MPH commuter traffic and take your day out on someone who actually looks forward to seeing you each evening. Finapros is here to bring you a laugh or a smile; to add to, subtract from or otherwise modify what you think you know about business; clarify how you see yourself as a contributor to your company, your industry, and your household. Of course, 

Hal is not without an ulterior motive.  Hal is planning on releasing his book, “Business: The Jest of it and the Verse of it,” in the coming year..  

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