If you made it through the day without laughing, then you haven’t made it through the day.

We're here to help you make it through the day.


To Whomever Gives a Hoot Who We Are

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Grin & Bear It


Were you trained to believe work is all about being serious?  Contracts and deadlines?  Accuracy and details?  Well take a break, have a laugh and think again.  

Visit our collection of business jest, verse and images,  some even intended to be  politically insensitive to your stereotypical world.

Getting Through It All

 Bad days are just that. Each just one day.  Late for work or a meeting?  Forgot to save the last version of your budget report?  Personal issues or recently let go? Maybe on the verge of losing it all? 

 It’s no solace that there are others who’ve been there and more to follow. But you are stronger than you think.

 You cannot avoid the inevitable, but you can choose how to deal with it 

The Great American Nightmare The Job Blog

Still waiting for that interview? 

In any economy, it's never easy to be "in between jobs.  Or on the edge of losing yours.  Or reporting to the boss from Hell. 

This site contains articles, discussions and links to tips to help you cope with these and other work related issues.

The Great American Dream The Business World Blog

Doing what you love? Being paid well?  Knowing what and when to buy and what and when to sell?  Owning your own business, perhaps, of just free of debt. 

There are many versions of The American Dream.

Take a moment to enjoy some humor and meet our "friends."

  • Enjoy a joke, a cartoon, a pun, an anecdote or a verse.
  • Read a post, an article, an opinion, a narrative or a discussion.
  • Take home a pearl, an experience, a lesson learned, a choice. 
  • Perhaps share a moment of empathy.

Laugh at them; ponder them; learn from them. Feel free to share them. 

Why do we use animals?

Because we can relate to them.

Because they are so much like us, they're easy to personify and make laughing at ourselves much more fun. 


For example, any of us, our coworkers, our bosses our heads of HR or the members of our sales teams at any time might be any of these things.

 As grumpy as a bear;

As eager as a beaver;

As busy as a bee;

As sly as a fox;

As graceful as a gazelle;

As hungry as a horse;

As naked as a jaybird;

As gentle as a lamb;

As happy as a lark;

As brave as a lion;

As strong as an ox;

As proud as a peacock;

As drunk as a skunk;

As slow as a snail; or

As mad as wet hen.

An hilarious look at the business world from most points of view, in image and in verse.

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