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Holiday Wishes from Finapros

© Hal Horowitz. 2018

It’s the holiday season, the end of the year,

When friends and associates wish each other good cheer.

It’s nearing the end of 2018,

So let’s reflect for a moment on what that might mean.

It means it’s a time for cheers and delights,

And to string up our homes in holiday lights.

Or to light up our Kwanza and Hanukkah candles,

And to hang waiting stockings at the edge of our mantles.

It means going to parties, drinking beer, eating food,

And enjoying the moments of the holiday mood.

And cheering our teams during the games New Year’s Day,

As a new year rolls in and the old rolls away.

Its meanings are many, it depends where you’re at,

And whether your year has been lean or been fat.

It means if you’re able, to give unto others,

To share from your lot with your sisters and brothers.

To help the many who might lack basic needs,

And feel the warmth of performing just a single good deed.

Such as clothing a victim of fire or storm,

And helping our neighbors get cozy and warm.

It’s the season for spending more time with our friends,

And perhaps devote extra to making amends.

To be the first who can step forward and say,

“I’m sorry if I’ve saddened or hurt you some way.”

It’s a time to think good thoughts and cast off our doubts,

And help all the Santas reach the kids on their routes.

It means not thinking of gifts you’ll receive,

But of the good you can do with the gifts that you give.

As the year turns soon to 2019,

There are so many things that this moment can bring.

It can bring an acceptance of others around us,

In a sharing of cultures that fully surround us.

It can bring a halt to the issues that get in our way,

And revel in the moment of a holiday day.

And seeing in others the best that they are,

Instead of their worst which is much worse by far.

The holidays mean not to rue what has past,

But to look to what’s coming and to give it your best.

To try to count blessings instead of ill-will,

And to tip best you can when you get the year’s bill.

Our holiday wish to those we hold dear, 

Is to drink in the season to last to you the year.

To sip the elixir of warmth and good measure,

To fill yourself with each day as though each day were a treasure.


We send this with our sincere good wishes for you and your families’ health this holiday season and throughout the year; and with deepfelt sorrow for those whose lives have been ripped and who may be having difficulty finding meaning. 

Barb & Hal Horowitz

Financial Pro Solutions

Thank you for your business and friendship.

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Why do we use animals?

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For example, any of us, our coworkers, our bosses our heads of HR or the members of our sales teams at any time might be any of these things.

 As grumpy as a bear;

As eager as a beaver;

As busy as a bee;

As sly as a fox;

As graceful as a gazelle;

As bearded as an old goat;

As hungry as a horse;

As naked as a jaybird;

As gentle as a lamb;

As happy as a lark;

As brave as a lion;

As strong as an ox;

As proud as a peacock;

As drunk as a skunk;

As slow as a snail; or

As mad as wet hen.

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