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If you got through the day without laughing, then you haven't gotten through the day.  

We're here to help you finish your day.



At Finapros we strive to add value to your day, to make you feel just a little bit better by the end of it, so you don’t just have to drag your ass home in an average of 23 MPH commuter traffic and take your day out on someone who actually looks forward to seeing you each evening. 

We’ll try to bring you a laugh or a smile; to add to, subtract from or otherwise modify what you think you know about business; clarify how you see yourself as a contributor to your company, your industry, and your household. 

A joke, a cartoon, a pun, an anecdote or a verse. 

A post, an article, an opinion, a narrative or a discussion.

A pearl, an experience, a lesson learned, a choice. 

Perhaps a moment of empathy.

Laugh at them; ponder them; learn from them.  Share them. 

The Eclectic Who


- Over eight years of advanced education, with an AA to prove it.

- 33 years in consumer and commercial finance on the credit, analysis, collections and sales sides. 

- 16 years as an executive recruiter serving financial institutions and disciplines.

- Learn a little more about Hal Horowitz.

Grin & Bear It


Were you trained to believe work is all about being serious?  Contracts and deadlines?  Accuracy and details?  Well take a break, have a laugh and think again.  

Visit our collection of business jest, verse and images,  some even intended to be relative to your world on occasion.

Getting Through It All

 Bad days are just that. Each just one day.  Late for work or a meeting?  Forgot to save the last version of your budget report?  Personal issues or recently let go? Maybe on the verge of losing it all? 

 It’s no solace that there are others who’ve been there and more to follow. But you are stronger than you think.

 You cannot avoid the inevitable, but you can choose how to deal with it 

The Great American Nightmare The Job Blog

Still waiting for that interview? 

In any economy, it's never easy to be "in between jobs.  Or on the edge of losing yours.  Or reporting to the boss from Hell. 

Our posts on this site will include articles, discussions and links to tips to help you cope with these and other work related issues.

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Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

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